Something for Spain

The Alhambra – Granada, Spain. Photo credit: Harshil Shah

Snow-capped mountains loom impressively behind the palace – now surrounded by warm light and dark forest. I’m standing on a terrace, sipping wine to the sounds of stomping feet and clapping hands that echo from the cave house below. A soft, tangerine sun slides behind the horizon as I glance at my watch, take another sip and think, for once, time doesn’t matter. I’ve made it, I’ve f**king made it.

Of course I’m dreaming again, but this time the dream is taking shape. It’s changed a bit (well, quite a lot) since the last time, first here and then here. This time I’m in Granada in southern Spain, which is to be our first destination on our year-long (possibly longer) trip. I’ve been researching, chatting to people online in Spain and generally taking a harder look into the feasibility of this adventurous adventure.

Now, however, I’m pouring on the concrete – booking my flight, enrolling in a course, cutting the lease on my house and selling things that no longer serve me. Our departure date has popped back a couple of months, to June, but that’s because the hiring season for teachers in Spain is September. Yes, I’ve decided to enroll myself in a CELTA – Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults – course in Granada this July.

Seville is still the plan, although I’ve heard it’s rather hot in August, when it’s running a similar course. August in Seville is “like walking on the sun”, as one person put it in a forum. Cat from Sunshine and Seistas, a teacher and blogger who calls Seville home, has been great help in telling (or warning) us about summer in Seville and where to go.

While Granada is allegedly not much cooler in summer, it’s roughly 700 metres above sea level at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, so the nights, at least I’m told, can be quite cool. The course in Granada is also 300 Euros cheaper and it will give us a chance to check out this wonderful part of the world, with its mountains, palaces, caves houses, Moorish history, flamenco and free tapas (with each drink).

We plan to be in Granada for two months. Then, when the fire subsides in Seville and the citizens that have fled to the sea gradually return, we’ll be poking our heads in town, come September. Here I’ll look for work and, with my gang, I’ll attempt to teach, eat, smile and investigate the old paths and shadows of this marvellous place that many have seen before me.

I’ve dreamt of living in Seville for nearly 20 years.

Although who knows where we’ll end up? Granada might not let us go for long.

We’ll just have to wait and see…

4 thoughts on “Something for Spain”

    • Hi Bianca,

      I wanted to mention you in this post too, as an inspiration and help, but then thought about how you didn’t mention your name. But then here you are! Have you thought of a pseudonym? Great to have you stop in 🙂

    • Cheers Red, I know right?

      It’s still a while away yet and I’ll be back of course. This is my calling at present and I feel I have no control over it. ‘Anndddyyyy’ – Spain keeps saying. I miss the culture and history of Europe dearly too. Of course I have to go and see. Then…..who knows!


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