Hi, I’m Andy T!

Most of my life has been involved with travel in some way or another. This site used to be called Travelling Type when I was a freelance travel writer / blogger. I’m not travelling so much these days, as I’m settled in Brisbane with my family and working as an instructional designer. When I get the chance, I love visiting Tasmania and I dream of returning to Spain.

The ’T’ stands for my last name, Tope. Andy T is what I’m called at work and the name stuck. Things I like doing include reading books by the pool with a Coopers XPA, writing, playing piano, listening to music, walking in strange places, unplanned adventures, mysteries, old things, culture, photography and nature. Back to walking, I find it the most meditative, amazing activity ever (especially in new places). 

Another of my very favourite things is my morning coffee. That, with a couple of eggs, butter, sea salt and toast – in a nice setting, with some greenery, perhaps even by the sea – and I’m a happy, happy man.

Thanks for stopping by!

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