The Dream Approaches…

the dream

The dream, alone, is of interest. What is life, without a dream?
~ Edmond Rostand

Just about everyone has a dream, don’t they? A thing you want to do or a place you want to see, just once in your life, at some point. No matter how big or small – whether it’s singing at your local pub, or living somewhere, somewhere you’ve thought about for years…

My dream

One dream that’s been niggling at me for over 15 years is to live in southern Spain, a region that’s given birth to flamenco. It’s also where acorn-fed pigs are salted, dried, hung in cellars for years and turned into chorizo and where Andalusian sherry from the famous Sherry Triangle is laboured over passionately. I’ll be sitting on la terraza soon, having a sip, or maybe a slurp. I’m starting to see it now.

I almost fled to Andalusia, 16 years ago, when I was weighing up what to do from my house in Turnham Green, London. Instead I fled to South America and followed another dream

Well, years later and this dream approaches. I’ve locked it in. In eight weeks I’ll be flying into Malaga before making my way to Granada to do my CELTA and teach English for a year. I’ve even managed to con my partner and four-year-old to come along with me. We have a one-way ticket and not a lot of money.

You have no idea how excited I am. For me, just to sit there, to be, to watch. And the history (which I’m not particularly saturated with in Australia) – I’ll be wandering, scouring, searching into the wee hours. Even Olin will be staying up late, and the food….

Looking for a way out (or into the dream)

Now our plans are coming to fruition, I’ve had lots of people say things like “I’m so jealous”, “you’re so lucky”, “I would love to do that one day”, when really these people have more money than us and/or no kids. It got me thinking that living one’s dreams is often not about money, it’s about choices/priorities.

I’ve wanted this to happen badly, so I made the choice to work as soon as I arrive, to take a risk. If you have a dream, particularly one that’s gathering dust, do everything it takes to live it, because yes, life is short.

Your dream

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do that’s somehow eluded you? Have you taken any baby steps towards it? If not, why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “The Dream Approaches…”

    • I remember you saying that when you were in KL. You’ve done well Mr Tofu, you have a good life. Smart. You are living the dream! I am insatiably curious and sometimes I wonder whether it’s a good thing. Still, Spain’s always been in there for me.


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