Lost in the Wild West

A thick haze covered the horizon, across the Indian Ocean and inland – where I could make out a ferris wheel not too far in the distance. I’d been to Fremantle many times before, I’d even lived here for a couple of years, however this time felt different. To me, on my last day wandering …

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Fremantle Arts Centre

Haunts and Tea at the Fremantle Arts Centre

I’m often visiting Fremantle in Western Australia, as most of my family live in the surrounding suburbs. However, up until last week, I had never visited the Fremantle Arts Centre – a beautiful, colonial-gothic style building that’s today a prominent centre for the arts. It’s also one of Western Australia’s oldest buildings, and admittedly I was …

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The Best Pubs in Australia – A Sober Analysis

At the end of a day’s adventure, often one of the best feelings is to slurp a cold ale in a good pub and let its warm tingle bathe you in merry reflection of a life well lived. There’s few finer ways to cap off a day’s travel, particularly when a pub’s done right. Here’s …

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The City of Fremantle

The City of Fremantle

“Welcome to the wild west”, I was told upon my first visit to the city of Fremantle, in Western Australia. Looking around, I was struck by the heritage limestone buildings and feeling of vastness that pervades the wide streets. For far beyond the reaches of the city, in the hills, forests and deserts of the …

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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

Eighteen kilometres off the coast of arguably the most isolated city in the world, Perth, lies Rottnest Island, a muted jewel in the Indian Ocean. For here lies translucent water, isolated beaches, undersea tunnels, salt lakes, lonely hills, a lighthouse, WWII cannons, ship wrecks and large, rat-like creatures that hop with island insouciance. Originally named …

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