Still Landing on Planet Spain

planet spain
Image courtesy of NASA

It’s 3:22pm in Granada, Spain. It’s hot and I am currently laying low sorting out visas for my family, applying for English teaching jobs and struggling (just a little) to battle the inertia that’s seized me of late. Perhaps it’s the heat, or perhaps I’m still recovering from my CELTA, where on some nights I had only three/four hours sleep and on some days I felt like half my brains had spilled onto the floor.

Since my CELTA course finished, I’ve been to Seville for a few days, moved house, embarked on a micro-adventure to the Guejar Sierra (a small village just outside of Granada) and had a night bathe in Granada’s Arab baths, which was wonderful. And just yesterday, I finally visited the Alhambra after staring at it from our balcony for so long, slurping on my beer and wondering what mysteries lay within.

planet spain
Folk dining in front of the Alhambra, a few blocks up from our home

I’ll be blogging about all of the above, I’m just keen to get the ball rolling again with this post. During this time I’ve discovered Seville is much bigger than I thought, the Spanish love smoking and dogs (and not cleaning up dog poo), people in small villages are incredibly friendly, this part of Andalucia really IS hot and dry, and parks here are largely devoid of grass.

planet spain
The rio Genil in Guejar Sierra

I miss green rolling hills.

I’ve also been researching places to spend our next year in Spain. We love Granada, our favourite city so far, although it lacks grass and there’s currently no jobs here. So I’ve been looking at the Castilla-La Mancha area (as it looks interesting), Cuenca way. The Cadiz province has also piqued my interest, places like Arcos de la Frontera, Jerez, Cadiz and its nearby beaches are high on our list, particularly as we just want to fall into the ocean in this heat.

planet spain
Me, riding the double-decker tourist bus in Seville

Although at the moment I’m applying for jobs all over Spain, and we could end up anywhere.

Hopefully somewhere with green grass and a little bit of mystery

4 thoughts on “Still Landing on Planet Spain”

  1. Wow, what amazing pictures. It’s a daunting experience moving continents, especially with a family in tow, but I’m sure it will all fall into place. I’ve never been to Granada, but I’d move to Tarifa or Cadiz any day. Happy adventuring and good luck with the job hunt.

    • Hi Nina,

      Funny you should say that, we’re heading towards Cadiz today. Maybe us Aussies (coastal dwellers) can never be too far from the sea? Would love to get to Tarifa but we’ll see how we go for time. And thank you!

    • Thanks Penny. Spain has been full of ups and downs (which I’m enjoying on the whole), although I wouldn’t change being here for the world.

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