Nothing to see here…

A view over Red Hill, a suburb of Brisbane on my daily walk home from work

This is my first post on this rebranded site – The Andy T Channel.


Actually, I don’t really expect anyone to read this – as I haven’t posted in a long time – but that’s okay. This post is really just to get the ball rolling again, as I intend on breathing life into this site. I’m still dreaming and I think of The Andy T Channel as a place where I can share my thoughts, adventures and dreams.

What would you like to see on this site?

When I ask myself that question, I miss exploring and investigating, so I think here you’ll likely see more of the same.

I’m still interested in ‘mysteries’, which to me means seldom visited places that contain legends or folk tales that you might occasionally hear. I’ll try and approach these topics from a factual angle, as an ‘open minded sceptic’, as I think I’ve done in the past. I’m still not convinced of anything I’ve experienced so far (click on my ‘mysteries’ tab to get an idea), but I’m eager to be proven otherwise.

What’s going on in my life? I have a job I like (I’m an eLearning developer), I now have a cocker spaniel named Cookie – who I go exploring with on the weekends – and my hobbies of late are walking, drinking craft beer and reading.

I had a year where I didn’t read much at all (during the Covid onslaught of 2020 actually), but Jim Butcher – author of ‘The Dresden Files’ – rescued me, and I’m currently ploughing through some of these stories while reading other books as well. I highly recommend The Dresden Files if you’re stuck and would like to rediscover (or just discover) reading.

Back to blogging – I live in Brisbane now, after moving north from Suffolk Park in the Northern Rivers. Actually, I’ve been here for nearly five years, as it’s been that long since I’ve blogged consistently. I like it up here and I think there’s opportunity to write about a greater variety of things, and I’ll just say here that it is my intention to do so moving forward.

I have absolutely no delusions about making money with this blog, as I did back when I started in 2012 (and which I managed to do). I’ve just realised that blogging got me out seeing more of the world around me and I miss that part of myself.

Lastly, I’ve got another recommendation if you’re a food/culture lover who’s missing travel while in lockdown: Rick Stein and his adventures on SBS on Demand, which have sated my appetite for travel a lot. I’m a big fan.

Anyway, thanks for reading if you’ve got this far.


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  1. G’day Andy, I’ve missed your “Travelling Type” updates on Facie so I’m glad I’ve stumbled across this (ie. sleuthed). I enjoy your writing; when I grow up I want to be a writer too. Craft-Beers-Cheers-Big-Ears, Caz in Ballina.

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