Mullumbimby Therapy – Kiva Spa & Crystal Castle

Kiva Spa

Touting itself as “the biggest little town in Australia”, Mullumbimby is a strange, relaxing, and beautiful town. When I say strange, it sits on a plain surrounded by farmland and rainforest-clad mountains, yet has a savannah/dust bowl feel to it. I also remember chatting to a local who told me she travelled to Andromeda via a star portal inside Mount Chincogan, the resident mountain.

That’s part of its charm, as it has a mixture of farmers and neo-pagans, with the latter revelling in their non-conformity. Funnily enough, it’s also a great place to get some therapy, Mullumbimby therapy. And two places that accommodate superbly are The Kiva Spa & Bathhouse and the Crystal Castle.

Kiva Spa sauna

The Kiva Spa, which I had the good fortune to venture to the day before last, offers various massages, skin treatments, hot spas, a sauna and a plunge pool, all in a tropical garden. It’s a well appointed place, which masks some of its makeshift architecture cleverly with oodles of bamboo.

My favourite is the sauna, seen above. This wood heated contraption is shaped somewhat like a yurt, and stands at around four feet high. Being a rangy chap I felt like I was walking into a blazing hobbit den. With a fire sizzling in the corner, the sounds of a soothing flute and a thermometer to tell you it’s 80°C, I felt right at home. There’s also a cold plunge pool waiting outside when you’re about to combust.

Mullumbimby Crystal Castle
Gardens at the Crystal Castle

Located at the top of Mullumbimby’s hinterland, the Crystal Castle is visited by all manner of people, including the Gyuto Monks, who’ve physically given it their blessing on numerous occasions. Here you’ll find sacred Buddhist statues, crystals from all over the world, a labyrinth, a delightfully attractive garden, jewellery, whirling orbs and a doorway to another world (well, at least a life-size picture of one).

Mullumbimby Crystal Castle
Crystal Castle gardens

There’s also a rather pleasant cafe on deck that affords views over the handsome, hilly hinterland. It’s a great spot to have a cuppa, nibble on a slab of lasagna, and ponder the big picture.

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