Glebe Point Road

There’s a handsome road in Sydney, with a few scars and scrapes, that’s home to a division of classes. At one end the road is darker, eclectic, while a journey towards its northern end gradually becomes lighter, greener, more upscale. In between – strolling, sipping and snacking – are a multifarious bunch of Sydneysiders, from the welfare recipient to the affluent professional. This is Glebe Point Road.

Glebe Point Road
The old Valhalla Cinema

Comprising the entire length of the inner Sydney suburb of Glebe, Glebe Point Road is well worth a visitor’s time. For me, it’s been a road that’s allayed my longing for more travel, and to use a metaphorical cliché, a road that’s carried me towards my direction in life. It’s also provided the scene for many a splendid evening drinking with my mates.

Glebe Point Road
Glebe foreshore

Many years ago, my mum went to school just off Glebe Point Road. I also met my partner wandering along its course, I wrote my first feature travel article in a poky room lying off its side, and started and finished my degree at its end. In all, I spent six years living on Glebe Point Road and worked in almost half the numerous cafes that line its flanks.

Glebe Point Road
A dog’s eye view – Glebe Point Road’s northern end

In fact, I used to walk the back streets of Glebe just to avoid conversation, as its small village-like feel means, given enough time, you’ll soon know everybody. However, as many who’ve visited it would know, Glebe Point Road is one of those Sydney rarities that offers a connection amidst miles of concrete namelessness.

Some things to do on Glebe Point Road

  •  Stroll its entire length.
  • Have a coffee in Badde Manors.
  • Visit Timbah (Tim’s wine bar) on the corner of Glebe Point Road and Forsyth Street.
  • Go to the Different Drummer.
  • Have breakfast at the Spot Cafe.
  • Visit Glebe Markets (Saturday).
  • Have a picnic in front of the foreshore (just off its northern end).
  • Eat pizza behind the park wall (at night) across from Thai on Wok.
  • Have a beer at the Toxteth.
  • Eat at Thai on Wok.
Glebe Point Road
Glebe Point Road affluence

Glebe Point Road is also home to a menagerie of creative types, having the youthful idealism of Sydney University at its doorstep. However, rising rent prices are gradually driving the artists, musicians and writers out of town. As for food, there’s an array of multicultural cuisine along the street, as well as a few bars and the odd clothes shop to pique one’s interest.

Glebe Point Road
Sydney University

Glebe Point Road’s proximity to Sydney’s CBD (about three kilometres) is another drawcard, as are the comely 19th Century houses that adorn its edges. The latter have recently been restored, thanks to the gentrification of Glebe and its diversely charming comrade, Glebe Point Road.

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