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Learning with Chatbots

I’ve typically had negative experiences with chatbots, as I’ve often found them time wasting and inefficient. However with rapid technological changes, they appear to be making a positive impact in online education. A chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to integrate multiple data sources to automate tasks, primarily to assist users with …

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Virtual Reality & Accessibility

As technological development accelerates across educational cyberspace, experiential learning such as virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular. Virtual reality in particular is providing students with previously unthought of experiences while enhancing the lives of special needs learners (Ho et al., 2019). Affordable learning Virtual reality (VR) has made learning more accessible through simulating costly, dangerous …

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Digital Badges

A digital badge I created with Adobe Spark As the educational landscape is reshaped by technology and shifts towards personalised learning, traditional learning credentials are increasingly seen as outdated and incongruent with this change (Macfound, 2013). One more flexible and personalised method of recognising achievement is the digital badge.   Essentially, a digital badge is …

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