Something for Spain

Something for Spain

Snow-capped mountains loom impressively behind the palace – now surrounded by warm light and dark forest. I’m standing on a terrace, sipping wine to the sounds of stomping feet and clapping hands that echo from the cave house below. A soft, tangerine sun slides behind the horizon as I glance at my watch, take another …

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Barcelona city

Barcelona City, Spain

“It’s like a dream”, a girl told me in Mexico prior to my highly anticipated sojourn to Barcelona city, in Spain. While I later understood what she meant, my initial impression of the city was how much faster the Spanish was than in Mexico. In fact, the whole city is pulsating – an international, cultured …

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San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastián – Spain’s home of the traditional pinchos – lies in the mysterious Basque country, a land with its own language (the origins of which remain unknown). Its name comes from the Christian saint and martyr Saint Sebastian, who died in 288. Besides being home to rugged, undulating scenery, the place has convivial charm, …

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Best Cities For Food

While good food is undoubtedly one of life’s finest pleasures, good food while travelling is simply sensational. The two go together like young lovers. Exotic spices, exciting flavours and textures can take you on a sensual adventure, as much so as the people and the land. I’ve had some of the best times of my …

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