Views from Ronda

A foliage-covered monolith sweeps towards the wastelands, where the sirocco drinks from quiet hills and breathes life into dust. Above parched hues of gold and lustier green, houses are perched theatrically, their backyards plummeting towards the tombs of desperate prisoners and the damned. At eventide, their whitewashed walls burn like salt crystals and Ronda’s gorge …

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Oviedo, Spain

A Snapshot of Oviedo, Spain

Arriving in Oviedo, Spain, I found myself zipping through clean streets in a tidy cab to the sounds of classical music. I passed boxy, ornate buildings – the kind you’re more likely to see in northern Europe. Exiting the cab, I stepped past jovial patrons, over streets stained with cider and entered my hotel. A …

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