Travel and transport

Travel and Transport – A Photo Essay

One thing I love about travel is the modes of transport offered in different countries, which give you an entirely fresh perspective on life. Of course, being a photography enthusiast, I’ve managed to snap a few of these experiences – where I’m literally bouncing, navigating, drifting or just hanging on from behind the camera to …

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Chartres Cathedral

Speeding on a train from Paris, I was headed toward what’s been a place of communion for travellers since the 12th century. Tall skinny ones (like me), round ones, grumpy ones, happy ones and more often today, secular ones too. Being a traveller myself, I felt an urge to head to this old adventurer’s den …

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Montmartre, Paris

Montmartre, Paris

Montmartre, Paris, is a bit of a rock star as far as Parisian towns go. Attractive and famous with a rebellious past, it lured me, I admit, because it was the setting for the movie Amelie. However, a visit with my local friend Carole revealed a very different world (unsurprisingly) than the one created by …

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Barcelona city

Barcelona City, Spain

“It’s like a dream”, a girl told me in Mexico prior to my highly anticipated sojourn to Barcelona city, in Spain. While I later understood what she meant, my initial impression of the city was how much faster the Spanish was than in Mexico. In fact, the whole city is pulsating – an international, cultured …

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Totnes, Devon

Having lived in Totnes, Devon, for six months, I know its laneways, meadows, hills, smells, its taverns and even some of its residents rather well. When my dad came to visit, he described the place as being like something out of a Charles Dickens’ novel. Perhaps it was because we lived at the top of …

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