nazca lines facts

15 Nazca Lines Facts You Might Not Know

In case you’re unawares, the Nazca Lines are a series of geoglyphs (large designs on the ground using rocks/earth) near Nazca in southern Peru that have perplexed archaeologists, historians and mathematicians for nearly a century. The surrounding landscape – one of the driest on earth – looks post-apocalyptic and I saw a geoglyph on nearby …

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Travel and transport

Travel and Transport – A Photo Essay

One thing I love about travel is the modes of transport offered in different countries, which give you an entirely fresh perspective on life. Of course, being a photography enthusiast, I’ve managed to snap a few of these experiences – where I’m literally bouncing, navigating, drifting or just hanging on from behind the camera to …

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Ecuadorian family

Dear Ecuadorian Family,

To the Ecuadorian family who took me in and looked after me when I was penniless in Quito, years ago. Thank you Mr taxi driver, for being patient, for driving me to a dozen different teller machines when my card wasn’t working, but especially for taking me back to your home and looking after me. …

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