Breakfast, Brush Turkeys and Blogger’s Burnout

Banana bombshell, blah blah blah.

Ah, it just feels good to say something, anything, after such a lengthy hiatus. Where to start? Perhaps after a lovely breakfast on a warm winter’s morning, on the weekend, when I’m resting in between two jobs…

Blogger burnout
My breakfast this morning at New Farm Delhi, Brisbane.

I’ve been having fun teaching English as a second language to students from all over the world, and I’ve just put in an application for a home loan. So, fingers crossed, next week I’ll be purchasing a nice little apartment in Brisbane.

Life in the Queensland capital is going well. I’m more cashed up than usual, probably because I haven’t been putting time into blogging. I enjoy blogging, but focusing all my energy on it wasn’t good for me financially. I’ve also discovered I’m generally happier away from social media. I don’t mind Instagram – which I post on occasionally – but the rest I feel are a huge time (and spirit) suck.

It also feels good now I’m not trying to compete with other bloggers or make money. I want to connect with the things I really love to do, like reading and literature, so I’ve decided to put Goodreads up in my sidebar. Of course you’re welcome to follow along!

What else? I plan to do some other (non-bloggy) writing, which I might talk about a little on this blog and I’ll be blogging about my explorations both locally and down in Tasmania too, time permitting. I also have a dear friend who you can check out here, that regularly visits Tasmania. I’ll be sure to join him again on my favourite island soon(ish).

Right now, it’s a lovely afternoon here in Ashgrove, Brisbane. There’s a cool whippy wind tickling the ferns and dirtying my balcony with crispy leaves. I’m looking at a brush turkey, a creature that’s in my life at least once every hour these days. They’re intriguing to watch, as they mess up backyards while the yellow skin around their neck droops like a soggy scarf in the rain.

Banana bombshell, blah blah blah!

6 thoughts on “Breakfast, Brush Turkeys and Blogger’s Burnout”

  1. Great to hear what you’ve been up to. I can totally relate, I feel much better if I put blogging second and don’t have to worry about stats, numbers and followers. All the best and keep us in touch with your pursuits and your reading list.

    • Thank you Nina. Of course as a fellow blogger you know all about it! Yes, I plan to keep in touch and keep this rolling somehow. I’ll be sure to stop by WA Explorer 🙂

      • Maybe you just need a break. It’s really time consuming and it’s one of those things that you feel you need to be doing constantly. I always have this nagging feeling that I should be working on my blog every time I have a spare minute up my sleeve 🙁


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