Boxing Day and the Year I Stole My Mum

Boxing Day
My mum and soon to be great grandmother, Beryl, enjoying the good life on Boxing Day in Byron Bay

Another Christmas has come and gone. The high-pitched rattle of cicadas, a harsh, unrelenting sun, dry bushland, excess, boredom, reflection.

Boxing Day, today, has for me become a day of prawns, Australian test cricket and battling through the tail end of excess in my fortunate world. I have a family, I have food (far too much of it) and I have a beautiful beach just minutes down the road.

I hope that wherever you are in the world you’re enjoying at least these first two things. In Australia, we sometimes open our pubs so the lonely have their family, their place of refuge. I know for many, Christmas is a time when shadows linger. Hang in there, it’s nearly over.

If you’re in South Africa, happy Day of Goodwill today to you. If you’re in Ireland, happy St. Stephen’s Day, and if you’re in countries such as Scandinavia, Poland and the Netherlands, happy Second Christmas Day.

To my two brothers in Perth, who don’t particularly get on and are without their mum right now, happy Boxing Day. I stole her this Christmas, and she’s having a great time here in Byron Bay.

Wishing you a safe and happy festive season.

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